Total Carb Blocker® Various Sizes

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Total Carb Blocker® Various Sizes

  • Starch Blocker
  • Available Sizes 60 & 90 Capsules

Formerly Known as: Carbo Blocker

Total Carb Blocker®

Total Carb Blocker® is a unique formula that has the patented and clinically studied ingredient called Phase 2®. This ingredient has numerous studies that demonstrate its ability to inhibit the starch-digesting enzyme amylase which otherwise turns the starch you consume into absorbable sugar*. Clinical studies reveal weight loss occurs in those who use this ingredient vs. placebo*. Total Carb Blocker® is a great add-on for anyone who is following a weight-watching routine. Used in a combination of diet and exercise, Total Carb Blocker® will help you achieve your desired results. *

Kidney Bean Extract
Phaseeolus Vulgaris


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