Full Flex Plus® Various Sizes

Full Flex Plus® Various Sizes

  • Joints*
  • Mobility*
  • Available Sizes 90, 120 & 180 Caplets

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Full Flex Plus®

This product has been specially formulated for people who may be very active in sports or for the many millions of people in the US that suffer from some sort of joint or cartilage problem. One of the key ingredients is the patented OptiMSM®.  This patented ingredient has numerous clinical studies all having positive results.  This form of MSM is one of the purest forms available on the market. OptiMSM is Kosher and Halal certified • Non-GMO • Gluten and allergen free • Non-shellfish derived • Vegan. Full Flex plus® also contains turmeric extract which is used for arthritis, heartburn, upset stomach, intestinal gas, stomach bloating and liver problem*. There are six other key ingredients in the Full Flex Plus formula to help support joints and the body’s response to inflammation.**

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OptiMSM. http://www.msmpure.com/learn-about-msm/what-is-optimsm/


Doctor's Reference PDF

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