Easy Iron (W) Ferrochel Various Sizes

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Easy Iron (W) Ferrochel Various Sizes

  • Fatigue*
  • Non Constipating*
  • Available Sizes 60 & 90 Capsules | Blister Pack

Easy Iron with Ferrochel®

Easy Iron is made with the patented Ferrochel® iron from Albion®. This form of iron is known best for its absorption and its ability not to upset the stomach or the digestive tract. Studies have found fewer instances of gastrointestinal upset with Ferrochel® than with ferrous sulfate, which is typically associated with constipation and or nausea*. Ferrochel® is also GMO-free, Vegetarian, hypo-allergenic, Kosher, Halal and BSE-free. *Easy Iron also contains B12, which is known to help combat fatigue, memory loss and the nervous system*.  This is a great supplement to use to help improve red cell production. **

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