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NASCO® is a diversified health and wellness company

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is dedicated to the distribution and marketing of high-quality nutritional supplements. We offer a wide range of products including vitamins, minerals, and OTC products. NASCO® is committed to sustaining the highest quality standards for our products and maintaining the full satisfaction of our customers.

All of NASCO®‘s products are manufactured in over a combined 200,000 square feet state-of-the-art cGMP compliant manufacturing facilities and are tested in fully equipped GMP compliant laboratories.

NASCO® bears the responsibility of providing improved personal health by offering safe and effective nutritional supplement products for its loyal consumers. NASCO® is committed to improving people’s health and wellness that ultimately improves their quality of life and creates a better world.

NASCO® is the proud owner of the NATURAL WORLD® brand which symbolizes the quality benefits of natural based products. The Natural World® brand encompasses a wide range of quality products in various dosage forms including tablets, softgels, capsules, and powders.

NASCO® provides its customers with a full set of services through its strategic global partnerships that include product manufacturing, warehousing, delivery planning, marketing and distribution of the products. The company has concentrated on exporting products from the USA to other countries due to the high-quality reputation of US manufacturers.

However, due to increased demand for quality products, the company also distributes products within the USA. NASCO®‘s support services include providing trade consultation to US companies who export internationally. The company is also seeking international distribution partners to develop and build the Natural World® brand on a market-by-market basis. NASCO®understands that fulfilling its mission of creating innovative and safe products to supply its worldwide customers requires an efficient and sophisticated operations process.

In line with that understanding, every single step of the NASCO®operational supply chain, from manufacturing to packaging, marketing, distribution, logistics, and customer services, is in accordance with the latest technology and operated by the most advanced tools, to ensure the effectiveness of each step. As a result, our operations are fully compliant with the most stringent standards in the industry such as the United States FDA GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The Quality Control & Assurance teams at NASCO® are constantly active to guarantee the validity of manufacturing, laboratory tests, packaging, marketing, distribution, R&D and customer service operations. In parallel, NASCO® team members in each of our departments are trained regularly to improve their competencies and skills and keep the flow of the know-how and scientific knowledge up-to-date within the company.

  • Full-Service manufacturing, packaging, marketing and distribution.
  • Quality tests in fully equipped GMP compliant laboratories.
  • Product development through constant science-based research in the R&D Department.
  • International trade consultancies in imports, exports, marketing, distribution and registration processes.
  • All-inclusive customer service.
  • A complete product line of Natural World® branded products.
  • Halal, Kosher, Organic certificates are available for any of the products upon request.

Here at NASCO® we believe that a company is only as good as the people behind it. The President and CFO has over 20 years of international business experience. Moreover, with support from a group of well-educated, experienced individuals who are well versed in foreign trade processes, NASCO® offers one of the most sophisticated and complete services in the business. In addition, our product development team formulates products with thorough, science-based research for long-term human benefits.

NASCO®’s operations are laid on a unique foundation of values. We focus on recruiting people who show commitment to, and respect our defined values of “integrity, conscientiousness, passion & creativity, tolerance & inclusion and courage.” This ensures that NASCO® has a team that supports and helps the company to develop and achieve its ultimate goal which is reaching and maintaining a position as a leading business worldwide, delivering quality health and wellness products. NASCO® applies these values throughout its entire supply chain, from the individual consumers, to the employees, suppliers, distributors and retailers.

Our executive management constantly strives to provide the NASCO® team with the necessary resources to ensure they have appropriate training required for growing, improving and maintaining satisfaction within the company. In line with this approach, education and training of the staff through internal and/or external resources is a part of routine activities within NASCO® operations. The policy of persistently adhering to the company values has resulted in production of premium quality products along with a superior level of customer support and services.

The NASCO® Mission

The NASCO® Mission is to deliver premium quality, effective and safe health
and wellness products to improve personal well-being and our customer’s quality of life worldwide.

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